08 Aug 2016

National Vocations Awareness Week 2016

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National Vocations Awareness Week (August 7-14)

A Reflection

There is a saying that goes thus: “God often visits us but most of the time we are not at home when he comes!”

The story of Thomas is instructive and consoling too because our journey in spirit is often a slow walk though moments of doubt and times of consolation. Thomas, whose hopes were already shattered because of the death of his beloved Master, was all the more hurt because Jesus appeared to his companions in his absence. So he refused to believe until he saw him and placed his hand in his side. Is it any different from our lack of faith when our life is shattered by a broken marriage, a death in the family, a sudden unexplained illness, the loss of a job or a serious financial crisis?

Thomas stands for all of us who travel the road of doubt and at times are unsure of our belief. Jesus appreciated Thomas’ honesty and met him at the very point of his uncertainty.  Doubt for him proved to be a growing point of a faith made stronger when tested.

For us, living a truly Christian life involves putting into practice in our daily lives the faith we profess. There is no greater expression of faith than the life lived with others in the Christian spirit of friendship, harmony and love. Faith is a blessing because it alone gives meaning to our lives and is the driving force to our existence.

Source: Catholic Vocations Ministry Australia

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