In addition to the office personnel, the Catholic Vocations Centre provides a range of services for vocations, including three Action Groups:

Diocesan Priest Vocations Committee
The Diocesan Priests Vocations Committee is chaired by Fr Dean Marin (Director of Vocations) and its membership includes Archbishop Philip Wilson, several Diocesan priests and a layperson. The role of this committee is to review and prepare the ongoing promotion of Diocesan Priesthood in the Archdiocese. The Committee advises the Catholic Vocations Centre (CVCA) on the various projects being developed and on the general formation of Inquirers to the Priesthood.

The South Australian Vocations Network
 This committee is a sub-branch of the National Vocations Network. It is a committee of Religious Priests, and Religious Sisters and Brothers from Congregations within the Archdiocese of Adelaide. Their main role is to support and promote vocations to Religious Life. The South Australian Vocations Network (SAVN) is involved in Discernment Retreats and the ‘Witness’ Program. Sr Jenny Seal fdnsc is the Chair of this group and can be contacted by email.

The Vocations Movement
Each parish within the Archdiocese of Adelaide is invited to send a representative to the Vocations Movement. This Person is nominated by the parish and attends a meeting four times a year. These meetings begin at 7.30pm and are held at the Cathedral Hall (39 Wakefield St, Adelaide). The Vocations Movement supports people who desire to be personally involved in promoting vocations within their parish. At each meeting a guest speaker shares his/her personal story of discerning God’s call in his/her life. Participants discuss ways of actively promoting vocations in individual parishes/deaneries. The Chair of this committee is Neville Connell.