28 Oct 2020

Diocese of Port Pirie Bishop installed

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The Southern Cross  |  October 28 2020

Port Pirie Diocese welcomes new Bishop

The diversity and unity of the vast Catholic Diocese of Port Pirie was on show for a worldwide audience at the installation ceremony of Bishop Karol Kulczycki SDS today.

Representatives from the four corners of the diocese – which is three times the size of Bishop Karol’s homeland of Poland – brought soil from their region and poured it into a glass vessel to symbolise the territory over which he will have pastoral leadership.

Prior to the entrance procession, a welcome video from Bishop Greg O’Kelly and the people of the Diocese was shown, also highlighting the diversity of the lands.

During the service, Bishop Karol spoke of the three components of building a “family of families” – common home, common table and common goal.

“My existence as bishop only has meaning if I am connected to the people,” he said.

“I entrust myself to your prayers.”

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