09 Oct 2019

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29 Sep 2019

The journey to priesthood continues


Anthony Beltrame and Olek Stirrat (5th year seminarians for Adelaide Archdiocese) were admitted as candidates for ordination to the priesthood. This rite took place during 11am Mass in St Francis Xavier's Cathedral where Olek and Anthony publicly stated their intention to offer themselves to God and the Church by by receiving the Sacrament of Holy Orders.



05 Aug 2019

Pope Francis’ message to priests

As with every call, the Gospel speaks of an encounter. Jesus walks by, sees those fishermen, and walks up to them…The same thing happened when we met the person we wanted to marry, or when we first felt the attraction of a life of consecration: we were surprised by an encounter, and at that moment we glimpsed the promise of a joy capable of bringing fulfilment to our lives.

25 Jul 2017

2017 National Vocations Awareness Week

2017 Vocations poster.jpg

All are called and this vocation from God is uniquely personal, but always in the context of the community of faith. No-one is called to walk alone. We are called from within families and communities, precisely to serve others in the community as God’s instruments. The call of God comes to us in and through the faithfulness of others.

05 Jul 2016

National Vocations Awareness Week

Dean Marin.jpg

By Father Dean Marin

As we begin to mark National Vocation Awareness Week this month (August 7-14) one cannot go past the remarkable example of San Salvador Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was beatified on May 23. Blessed Romero was shot dead 35 years ago by a sniper as he celebrated Mass in the chapel of a hospital. A day earlier, he called upon soldiers to stop carrying out the government’s repression of the people.