Fr Michael Romeo

Fr Michael Romeo, Mount Gambier

The first time I thought of the priesthood was during primary school and then it resurfaced as I neared the end of high school. However it wasn’t until my last years of university when I attended World Youth Day 2005 in Germany that I realised that I needed to discern the priesthood seriously.

While I was teaching in Catholic schools I began to think again about what it was I wanted to do with my life. The idea of priesthood kept returning. I am grateful for the guidance of a holy and wise priest in my parish. He radiated an immense joy in his ministry. He knew I was interested in the priesthood but waited for me to have the courage to ask the question.

I knew God was calling me.

Very often the first move is the hardest. I needed to get out my comfort zone. My family and friends were not surprised when I told them I was going to the seminary. They have provided me with valuable support.

I was ordained on August 29, 2014 and I am currently assistant priest at Mount Gambier. Fr Dean Marin, parish priest, and everyone have been very welcoming and supportive.