Fr Kym Spurling

Fr Kym Spurling, Greenacres/Walkerville

I was ordained in September 1990. Over the past years I have worked in the parishes of Modbury, Noarlunga Downs, Hectorville, Hallett Cove, Murray Bridge and Greenacres/Walkerville.

During this time my experiences have been many and varied, and at times, challenging. One of the challenges I face on a weekly basis is to prepare my Sunday homily. This requires a certain discipline on my part.

Firstly I sit with the scripture. It then calls me to try to tap into one’s own, or the community’s personal experience. I’ve found that in exploring the work of God, then sharing the Christian tradition with others that my own faith is both supported and nourished.

I’m affirmed in my preaching when I see others making connections with what I’ve said. I’m
 enthused in my ministry when I see people come to a new understanding of their faith after they have further reflected on the work of God and integrated it into their lives.

As a priest I meet people from all sections of the community. I’m often touched by people’s goodness, honesty and openness and this becomes evident when I’m asked to share in both the triumphs and tragedies of people’s lives.

I am truly grateful for this blessing.