Culture of vocations needs buy in from all

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Creating a culture in which the entire community of the Church is engaged and feels responsible for the formation of priests has to be a priority for the future, a national conference for diocesan vocations directors was told in Adelaide this week.

Guest speaker, Bishop Tony Randazzo from the Sydney Archdiocese, said it was important that everyone took ownership for the formation of priests and that seminarians were being trained “in a way fit for today’s world”.

He provided the 20 conference attendees with details of the current overhaul of the Ratio Sacerdotalis which is being undertaken by a small working party on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. This will result in a new document for the formation process that is more relevant to the 21st century.

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Picture: Bishop Randazzo (left) with the Archdiocese's vocations director Fr Peter Zwaans at the conference in Adelaide this week.


Runnin' for the flock of the Bay

Published in The Sunday Mail March 5, 2017

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Check out this article on Fr Charles' efforts to raise funds for Caritas Australia through this year's Sunday Mail Bay-City Fun Run on Sunday March 19, 2017.

Join Fr Charles Lukati and the Caritas Project Compassion team and run or walk 12km or 4.5km. For more info on how to register or to sponsor Fr Charles click here.

Who is Fr Charles? Fr Charles Lukati is parish priest at Aberfoyle Park Catholic Parish, a Kenyan marathon runner and ambassador for the Project Compassion team.


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Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2015

Vocation video prepared for this event


Diaconate Ordination

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Two Adelaide men, Tee Ping Koh and Alfred Donat, will be ordained as deacons by Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ on Friday November 29 at 7pm in St Patrick's Church, Grote Street, Adelaide.

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29 Nov 2019

Diaconate Ordination

Candidacy Tee Ping and Alfred .jpg

Two Adelaide men, Tee Ping Koh and Alfred Donat, will be ordained as deacons by Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ on November 29 at 7pm in St Patrick's Church, Grote St, Adelaide.

Their ordination to the permanent diaconate was welcomed by Administrator Delegate Fr Philip Marshall, who encouraged as many people as possible to attend this “significant” diocesan event.

“We congratulate Mr Koh and Mr Donate on this important moment in their ministerial journey, and thank the Ministry Formation Program for the years of support and formation,” he said.

01 Nov 2019

On the path to priesthood

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Nervousness, happiness and a sense of joy were just some of the emotions experienced by Olek Stirrat and Anthony Beltrame as they declared their intention to join the priesthood on September 29.



09 Oct 2019

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05 Aug 2019

Pope Francis’ message to priests

As with every call, the Gospel speaks of an encounter. Jesus walks by, sees those fishermen, and walks up to them…The same thing happened when we met the person we wanted to marry, or when we first felt the attraction of a life of consecration: we were surprised by an encounter, and at that moment we glimpsed the promise of a joy capable of bringing fulfilment to our lives.

25 Jul 2017

2017 National Vocations Awareness Week

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All are called and this vocation from God is uniquely personal, but always in the context of the community of faith. No-one is called to walk alone. We are called from within families and communities, precisely to serve others in the community as God’s instruments. The call of God comes to us in and through the faithfulness of others.

05 Jul 2016

National Vocations Awareness Week

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By Father Dean Marin

As we begin to mark National Vocation Awareness Week this month (August 7-14) one cannot go past the remarkable example of San Salvador Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was beatified on May 23. Blessed Romero was shot dead 35 years ago by a sniper as he celebrated Mass in the chapel of a hospital. A day earlier, he called upon soldiers to stop carrying out the government’s repression of the people.