Sunday commencing National Vocations Awareness Week – August 2 2020

Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time  |  Year A


Celebrant: The Lord gives us all we need, let us therefore turn confidently in prayer to Him.

  1. For our Holy Father – Pope Francis, our Bishops and all who lead us in faith; may they sustain us in fidelity to Christ and to the Church. Lord hear us
  2. For our priests, deacons and religious, especially those in our community; may our prayers and support sustain them in fidelity and courage. Lord hear us
  3. For those who suffer in our community from physical, emotional and spiritual pain, may Christ console and strengthen them. Lord hear us
  4. For all young people, may they put their trust in the things of God by responding to the call to a vocation to priesthood and consecrated life. Lord hear us
  5. For all families and for those preparing for marriage; may they be strengthened in fidelity and faith.  Lord hear us
  6. For those suffering at this time from the effects of the global pandemic; may they continue to turn to God in their needs.  Lord hear us
  7. For special needs, other intentions etc. Lord hear us
  8. For those you have died especially N…; may they experience the treasures of the kingdom of God. Lord hear us

Celebrant: Heavenly Father, your Son Jesus feeds us and gives us all we need. We make these prayers in His name, for He is Lord forever and ever. Amen.

 Intercessions NVAW 2020.pdf

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